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Adhesives & Rubber

Mixers are widely used in various applications according to the formulation, raw materials, and manufacturing processes. In this process, the agitator plays a critical role in improving productivity. Your results will be greatly enhanced by the use of a proper agitator. Handling of High viscosity & solids suspensions is major challenge in the process. Galaxy Mixing is experienced in medium to High viscosity adhesives (up to about 100 cp) with high accuracy in output results. Our adhesive mixing experience has been developed with some of the leading manufacturers, and can guarantee the quality of your adhesives and sealants.There are many varieties of adhesive. Most are created by homogenization and dissolution of products through heating.


  • Blending Tanks
  • Starch Cooking
  • Dissolving
  • Stripping
  • Storage Tanks

Impeller Used

  • Narrow Blade Hydrofoil & PBT- Mixing, blending, Solid Suspension
  • Wide Blade Hydrofoil, Viscofoil, Double, Single Helix– High Viscosity Mixing
  • Saw tooth -Dispersion