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Stator Rotor

Galaxy Stator Rotor are used in the paint, ink, chemical, adhesives, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Designed with no bottom steady bush to serve required applications.Stator rotor is a High Shear Mixer that utilizes a rotor a stationary stator that typically operate at very high speeds, creating a vortex circulating the product through the gap between the rotor and stator, resulting in a very homogeneous dispersion.They are Offered in wide range of MOC

Features Available

  • Sizes from 1.5 Kw to 37 Kw
  • Change can, fixed, or multiple fixed position designs on hoist mounted models
  • Stainless steel material of construction
  • Mill to highly polished finishes
  • Typically designed for atmospheric operation, but vacuum or pressure designs are available
  • Electrical components for hazardous or safe environments