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Galaxy manufactures a complete line of Hydrofoil Mixers for FGD Fly Ash Flue Gas Desulphurization mixing and agitation. They include portable mixers to right angle and double helical parallel shaft reducer designs, which are specifically designed for mixer service. Galaxy Hydrofoil Mixers have numerous mounting options, which can be found under both the "Top Entering Mixer" and "Portable Mixer" hot links.

Typical Applications

  •  Absorber agitators (various scrubber processes)
  •  Limestone slurry preparation and storage
  •  Absorber drain tank
  •  Reclaim water
  •  Gypsum slurry handling
  •  Area sumps
  •  Chloride bleed wastewater treatment / heavy metals removal
  •  Fly ash make-down and storage
  •  Lime slaking and storage